Your Level of Fitness Has Everything and Nothing To do With You

No matter how hard we try, humans are many times very ego driven. Many things we do, we do them in order to help ourselves. We travel so we can see the world, we work so we can make money, we workout so we can stay fit. Many times, it has very little to do with anyone else.

Your level of fitness does not differ greatly. You workout so you can look and feel better. So you can stay active and so you can live a long happy and healthy life. All these things are great, but there is 1 problem, you should not be the focus of your fitness results.

If you sometimes struggle finding a reason to go to the gym when you just feel “too tired”, remember your fitness is for your family, both present and future. Remember that quitting on your workouts is not quitting on yourself, but on your friends, family, wife, husband, and children.

Many times I tell my athletes the 2 things I want them to be able to do in their 70’s and beyond is sit on the toilet without using a hand-rail and run and play with their grandkids.

The level of your fitness should be important to you, but remember that you are not the only one relying on YOU being fit. Those around you young and old are also relying on your physical wellness in order to allow THEM to live happy lives as well.

So don’t just do it for you, do it for the ones you love!

Who/what drives you to stay physically fit? Comment below and let me know.


– Coach David

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