What I Use For Supplementation

When you hear the word Supplements, the first and only thing you should think about is what it means to “Supplement”. To me, supplement means, In Addition to. In addition to what you ask? In addition to eating right! So whenever you hear about supplements, be sure to always keep that in mind! I wanted to quickly give you guys an insight to what it is I trust, use and recommend to anyone looking to begin supplementation whether it be for Performance, Weight loss, Active Living, and overall health and wellness.

 Those who train with or around me know I am true to AdvoCare Products. My personal use of AdvoCare Products at this time is for Performance. Meaning I am supplementing my nutrition with products which will better allow my body to fight through the rigors of tough workouts!

 To make this short, here are the supplements I currently use: The first supplement, and my favorite AdvoCare supplement is SPARK. I use it to enhance mental focus and it gives me tons of energy to get through workouts as well as day-to-day activities. Before workouts, I mix spark with Arginine Extreme to help my body recover quicker during intense bouts of exercise. Once I am done with my workouts, I always drink AdvoCares Muscle Gain. This provides my body with the protein I need to recover properly after workouts. I usually mix this with Amy & Brian Coconut Juice.

 This has been a quick look into what it is I take for pre workout and recovery. I trust these products and will stay true to them for as long as I am in the fitness industry.

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