The Secret Is In The Smile


Yesterday (1/25/2015) I ran my first half marathon. My final thoughts are like so: I had a great time and the amount of people there (7,000 runners) was amazing! What I didn’t like was the end. When you are done, hell yeah you feel accomplished, but coming from a more team sport background, you don’t have the team celebration and I enjoy that aspect of sports a lot. I feel very accomplished hitting a time of 1 hour and 35 minutes especially considering I ran a total of 10 miles during the entire 3 month span of my deciding I was going to run and then the actual race. I’ll take that any day. The run itself felt really awesome. There was never a time I doubted my ability to finish the race and finish it quickly. I found out at the end of the race that I paced 1 part of the race at a 7:15 mile and the other half around 7:30. So for someone who didn’t train, what was MY trick? A lot of self talk, positivity and HEART. There were very few moments of me not talking to myself, encouraging myself and making sure no negative thoughts, like stopping or slowing down were going through my mind. At one point I was running next to a guy who was talking to his friend. His conversation with the guy next to him went like this, “I’ve been pacing a 7:30 mile, there is absolutely no way I can keep this up”. After I heard this I immediately sped up not wanting to be next to such a weak mentality. Weakness is easier to fall into than strength. Usually because it is an easier route to take. Why be strong when it takes work when weakness isn’t really frowned ¬†upon anymore (unfortunately) by the vast majority of people and very easy to achieve. I kept a smile on my face during the entire race. I thought about the people who are a part of OTL and the things I put them through knowing the run was not nearly as hard. I thought about people I knew who are no longer with us and what they would tell me if they were running next to me. I thought about what it felt like to do an airdyne all out for 1 minute (way more terrible than a half marathon). And the entire time I just kept on smiling. The best part was hearing familiar voices during the run. L.A., Lori, Cheryl, Matt & Amanda cheered me on at different parts of the race and man that was a boost! Then hearing my Dad, Mom and Courtney at the last few hundred yards before the finish line was affirmation to my hour and 35 minute effort. So if you decide to run a half marathon on little to no training, make sure you practice keeping a smile too. Stay positive and learn how to talk yourself into stuff, and less talking yourself out. The worst thing that could have happened yesterday was I start walking. And if I did, who cares. Stop being afraid to try new things. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to try. And in the end you never know, you may surprise yourself.

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