The Get Ripped Challenge in Full Effect!


Week 2 of the Get Ripped Challenge started today and like any other week 2 of a program, Chad and J are feeling the affects. Towards the end of week 2 and into week 3, their bodies will adjust to the time and work and they will be on level 10. But what is the Get Ripped Challenge and why was it started?

My goal as a trainer is to help others reach their goals. Some wish to be the next world’s strongest man, some want to be fitness models. The great things about these goals is there are trainers out there who can specifically help you achieve those goals because that is their speciality. In my case, helping athletes train to lose fat, and prepare for the “Summer Time Lean” is what I love to do.

The Get Ripped Challenge is not what we would consider “CrossFit” and holds a variety of movements many in the CrossFit world have dubbed “Non-functional” (even those who don’t know what that even means). From hammer curls and triceps extensions, to sprints and back squats, The Get Ripped Challenge covers all aspects of what it takes to lose fat, increase lean muscle mass and gain strength.

In combination with the challenge, participants are also given a Get Ripped package from AdvoCare. This package includes ThermoPlus, Catalyst, Muscle Fuel, SPARK, and Muscle  Gain. These supplements, in combination with quality foods and intense workouts will help take challengers to the next level of shredded!


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