Let Your Heart Decide When You’re Done

Too often we listen to our body or mind when they say, “ok, enough is enough”. I am here to change what you listen to. Your heart holds your drive, your purpose and your motivation. Don’t let your mind or body tell you when your done. Let your heart do the talking.


Last week I posted an old picture of myself during a CrossFit Competition in Dallas. The event was an atlas stone carry and toss over a bar. The atlas stone in the picture was a little over 220lbs and it was by far the heaviest atlas I had ever picked up. Tim Bougie, the photographer, caught this picture at a moment that only a true professional could catch. That moment being the point in time when  all of your strength is gone and the only thing you have left is your determination.

In the end, the attempt was failed. I took the stone all the way to the bar but was unable to get it over. Although in the end I was far from 1st place, defeat was not on my mind. Allowing myself to get to a point where only heart can drive you is where I like to go and that alone was a win for me.

What about you? Do you allow yourself to go so far that only sheer determination can get you through? I am not talking about in workouts but in life. Too often we surrender too soon. We allow pain and failure to blind us of what we are really capable of doing.

When was the last time you ran off of determination? Was it recent? Or maybe never? If it has been a while, I suggest finding something you are passionate about and emerging yourself in it. So much so that in the end, once you have given everything you’ve got, all you have left is determination.

Cross Your Bridge

As we journey towards our goals, it is very common for many of us to get past our first obstacle or “Bridge”. The bridge can be torturous. Many times it seems so overwhelming we decide maybe our goal was just Too Big.

In today’s video I talk about the bridge, tell of one of my athletes who overcame it and why it is important to challenge our bridge head on!

Thanks Chris P. for the chat after class. Your ability to literally conquer the bridge on Town Lake inspired this post.


The Heart of A Lion – No Fear

One of my athletes, Raf Garcia, shared this video with me today. I think it is incredible that even in the animal world there are those who others are just not willing to back down to.

Videos like this leave me with one questions, do you have the heart of a lion?