The Heart of A Lion – No Fear

One of my athletes, Raf Garcia, shared this video with me today. I think it is incredible that even in the animal world there are those who others are just not willing to back down to.

Videos like this leave me with one questions, do you have the heart of a lion?



Road Maps – The Reason You Will or Will Not Fail

As I have talked about before, the New Year brings about excitement and big eyes towards new goals. This is one of my favorite times of the year because motivation is very high. Unfortunately for many, it does not last long. For most, the vision is lost not because motivation is gone, but because they never really set up a plan or as I like to call it, a “Road Map”.  For those of you who are committed and hungry to achieve your goals in 2013, this write up on having road map is for you.

The no brainer of this post is if you want to get to a destination you need a map or in 2013, Google maps. When most hear this obvious statement they think too simply. They see their road map as a piece of paper with the start and the destination. When a road is closed during their journey they have no way to determine where to go next and this is where their journey stops. Your map is not just lines going from point A to point B, but a detailed map of every turn, detour, historical marker, elevation change, city, and pit stop along the way.

The great thing about your road map to success is you decide where changes need to be made, where curves will take place and where the detours are. This map is created before, and altered during your journey. We cannot predict where construction may be, but when we approach it, we can look down at our map and decide what our alternate route may be. If it doesn’t work, we will add streets and short cuts. The map is yours.

Yes, this road map is real. It is an actual piece of paper, poster board, our journal that outlines everything you do and are going to do. It will hold signs of detours, cities, and historical markers in your life as they approach. No one will have your map and no one can reach the destination you reach using your map because it is unique to you. A journey or road trip can be scary, but what is there to fear when you are the one in charge of the path? Remember, you are the captain of your ship, don’t let others decide where the ship will go, or how fast it will sail. Begin your road map today, stay committed and continue down the road towards your dreams.

Monday Movement Motivation Episode 9!

Many times we spend too much time in the shallow end thinking that just getting our feet wet means we are becoming better swimmers. We have to learn that the closer we get to drowning, the faster we will learn to swim. Take the leap towards your goals and achievements and stop waiting for the perfect time to go into the deep end. You are never 100% ready to start, but the faster you jump into the deep end, the less time it will take for you to learn to swim.



Accountability Winners

 2 weeks ago I told everyone I wanted to hold one person accountable for the next three weeks as they worked to reach their 2012 goals. Well, I lied. I could not just pick one person, so instead I picked one male and one female. Their goals/stories are below and the accountability starts tomorrow!

 Melissa Mocello – United States Marines – Aggie – CrossFitter:

  Melissa is by far one of the most determined and hard-working athletes I have ever met. To watch her perform/compete is a motivational performance all on its own. As a Marine, she is known for her tough mental game, and lack of fear when it comes to pushing herself. Her goals include:

  • Do a muscle up
  • 300lb Deadlift (Current Body weight under 120)
  • 145# Clean
  • Prepare for heavy weight hikes

Frank Landavazo – Father/athlete – CrossFitter

  I met Frank almost a year ago when I started working at CrossFit Central. His story begins at 263 lbs when he knew a change had to be made. He walked into central at the coaches mercy and has dedicated his life to living the code of health and fitness. His goals include:

  •   Sign up for 2-3 CrossFit Competitions
  • Be pushed daily in order to prepare himself for competition
  • Show up to competition not just for fun, be with the ability to be a competitor

 Both of these athletes have inspired me as a coach whether they know it or not. Their dedication to not only the sport of CrossFit, but to their health and wellness is contagious and their spirits will only lift you up.

 For the next three weeks I will keep in touch with these athletes giving them advice and holding them accountable to doing the things they must do daily to in order to reach their goals. You will all hear more from these athletes as the weeks go on so stay tuned!