Last week I posted an old picture of myself during a CrossFit Competition in Dallas. The event was an atlas stone carry and toss over a bar. The atlas stone in the picture was a little over 220lbs and it was by far the heaviest atlas I had ever picked up. Tim Bougie, the photographer, caught this picture at a moment that only a true professional could catch. That moment being the point in time when  all of your strength is gone and the only thing you have left is your determination.

In the end, the attempt was failed. I took the stone all the way to the bar but was unable to get it over. Although in the end I was far from 1st place, defeat was not on my mind. Allowing myself to get to a point where only heart can drive you is where I like to go and that alone was a win for me.

What about you? Do you allow yourself to go so far that only sheer determination can get you through? I am not talking about in workouts but in life. Too often we surrender too soon. We allow pain and failure to blind us of what we are really capable of doing.

When was the last time you ran off of determination? Was it recent? Or maybe never? If it has been a while, I suggest finding something you are passionate about and emerging yourself in it. So much so that in the end, once you have given everything you’ve got, all you have left is determination.

A Glimpse Into My Life

A lot of people ask me what I do during the day. I think it is a great question, but I feel many are brain washed into thinking that everyone must be behind a desk 9-5 in order to actually be doing something. That my friends it not true.

Here is a quick overview of a typical Wednesday!



The Last Monday Movement Motivation of The Year

As the New Year comes around many of us, our friends and our family will begin to set goals and create visions of what 2013 will look like, which is great. My hope is that you will stay committed to those resolutions and work hard for them during the entire year. Because if you wan’t it bad enough, nothing should stop you.

For me, this year is about 2 big things. 1. Getting people off the bus that do not support or want to be a part of my journey 2. Going from a get to give mindset.

Check out the last Monday Movement Motivation of 2012 and join me on my journey in 2013!

Trevor Hits The First Muscle Up!

Trevor Williamson stopped by Of The Lion Fitness this weekend to register for classes and help out with some construction. Of course, when an athlete walks into a gym and sees rings hanging from the ceiling they have to hit the muscle up! Trevor hit up the first muscle up on the rings and posed at the top for his photo shoot.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved thus far with the creation of Of The Lion Fitness. Your help has been amazing and support is beyond what I could have asked for. Classes will start on July 2nd and will cap out at 8 athletes per class. Many have already registered, but there are spots available for those who are ready to be a part of greatness! Below is a quick overview of class times and pricing.


M/T/W/Th/Fri – 6-7AM, 7-8AM, 8-9AM –

M/T/W/Th- 5-6Pm, 6-7PM, 7-8PM


2x/week = $160/month

3x/week = $210/month

5x/week = $270/month

Discount of 15% on monthly cost is available for Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Military.

Discount of 15% on 3 and 6 month contracts as well. If you are part of the above, you cannot combine discounts.


If you have any more questions, please email me at Thanks again for all of the support!