Everything You Have Done Has Led To Now

Everything you have done in your life up until this very second has determined where you are sitting while you watch this. Are you exactly where you want to be? What changes would you need to make right now in order to be living the life you want in 5, 10 or 15 years?

Monday Movement Motivation Episode 4!

I can’t begin to tell you guys how much I love making these videos. I didn’t become a coach in the fitness world only to see gains in the gym, I did it to bring people happier and more fulfilled lives outside of the gym as well. That is the part that gets me excited and keeps driving me to make these videos and now more to come during the week day.

Today’s post is in regards to a chapter I read from a John C. Maxwell book: Self-Improvement 101. Maxwell is great at providing readers with in-depth thought in regards to the life we live. The quote from his book that motivated this video is “One of these days means none of these days”. This quote really intrigued me because “One of these days” is omething I Hear far to often.

Check out the video and let me know what it is that you are ready to start today that will help you achieve your goals physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially. Don’t hesitate, get started!

OTL T Shirts Go Nation Wide…And Big Time!

A while back I heard about this kid from UCLA who was tired of his desk job internship. Without going too far into the story, he did what most don’t do. He left his desk job, purchased a ticket to Egypt, and made his way into the front lines of Libya. The story is AWESOME and if you like adventure and excitement you will take the time to read it.

Chris Jeon, the kid turned man in the story is doing what I call leading from the front lines. He is chasing his desires and dreams to do more than what we are made to believe we are supposed to do (clock in at 9, clock out at 5). With this inspiration I started following Chris on twitter and decided to send him an OTL shirt. I recently received this picture from Chris in hin LA apartment and am happy to have him sporting the OTL T shirt!

When you put on an OTL shirt, know it is more than just a shirt, it is a symbol for a belief in a better you. It stands for staying strong during adversity and conquering. Most of all it is a symbol for a community of highly motivated people who are looking to better their lives each and every day physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Thank you to Chris and everyone else who has purchased their OTL Shirt.

A new order of shirts just came in, get yours before the 25 that are left are gone!

 Here is a link to the article on Chris in Men’s Jounral. It is a must read! : Arab Spring Break

Monday Movement Motivation Episode 1!

Ok so I am a day late, but you can blame GoDaddy for that. I am now bringing you Monday Movmement Motivation! This is episode 1 and I am excited about giving you a huge reason to get off your butt and make moves!

What do you do to challenge time? Comment below and let me know!