From Rock Bottom


From Rock Bottom

A coach’s guide to helping clients who have just seemed to quit

By David de Leon


Coaching began for me when I was 19 years old as a trainer at the Texas A&M University Recreational Center. A head first dive is how I would describe it. No experience, but all the desire in the world. Continue reading

Leadership in Coaching

There are many great coaches out there who are missing one key ingredient to being a successful fitness entrepreneur. Many times they spend all of their time and money only focusing on fitness certifications that they forget to get some personal development in there as well.

This is a quick videofor all the coaches/trainersout there who are wondering why they can’t get their fitness business off the ground.


  From Coach to Leader – 10 Leadership Tips That Will Change your Fitness Business will be available on E-book soon!

The Last Monday Movement Motivation of The Year

As the New Year comes around many of us, our friends and our family will begin to set goals and create visions of what 2013 will look like, which is great. My hope is that you will stay committed to those resolutions and work hard for them during the entire year. Because if you wan’t it bad enough, nothing should stop you.

For me, this year is about 2 big things. 1. Getting people off the bus that do not support or want to be a part of my journey 2. Going from a get to give mindset.

Check out the last Monday Movement Motivation of 2012 and join me on my journey in 2013!