For The Coaches


If you come across this page you are either a CrossFitter, a CrossFit coach or maybe someone who is interested in becoming either one of those. This write-up today is for the coaches and can be a great way to figure out why you love, or don’t love your current coach so much. I am going to go over 5 points every coach needs in order to be the best coach they can be. I am not saying there are only five, honestly, I believe there are many more qualities a coach needs, but these 5 are 5 I practice daily in order to insure my athletes are getting what they deserve.

1) Knowledge of movements and the eye to see and correct faults: I find it very important that I am constantly learning from other professionals in the industry. CrossFit is different from other fitness professions because coaches must have an eye for a variety of movements from weightlifting to gymnastics. Being able to teach the movements is only a minor part of a coaches job. I must be sure I can see faults in even the smallest detail. More importantly, I must have the ability to cue an athlete on how to correct this movement in very few words. Many times coaches tend to go into a long-winded over dramatic explanation of a movement which often confuses the athlete. Knowing movements and having the ability to correct faults quickly is a key trait in all great coaches.

2) Organization: My athletes pay me to do my job. This goes beyond the gym floor and includes body composition tests, emails to those who need tips/advice, and daily/weekly/monthly check ins with most if not all of your athletes. In order to do this effectively, coaches must stay organized in their day-to-day routine. As Business and Life Coach Dani Johnson would say, it starts with the small things. If you cannot keep track of the small things, it will be impossible to have the bigger things in life. Athletes appreciate you being organized and your life will too.

3) ENERGY!!! This is by far my favorite. Do you know people who have a bad day and wear it on their face? They come in the office moving slowly and their bad attitude rubs off on others in the office? Well, as a coach, you NEVER have a bad day. If you do, you better shake that mess off before you enter the gym. Being a coach is 0% about you and 100% about your athletes. They are not paying for you to be a grouch, they are paying and showing up to get the best out of you day in and day out. Give yourself a pep talk everyday, get excited and give the people what they want, ENERGY!

4) Anyone can talk to anyone: I hear it over and over again from people who claim they have great communication skills, “I can go into a room and talk to anyone”. Who cares. It is not hard to talk to people. I see awkward communicators talking to people daily, it doesn’t make them good at communicating. You must learn to CONNECT with people. Do you know about your athletes family, what they do for a living, or what they like to do for fun? IF you don’t you are lacking in your communication skills. You should know it all and actually CARE! If you find this hard, follow this: F.O.R.M. – Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. Ask about their family, what they do, what they like to do and then deliver your message connecting you both at some level. Communicating goes far beyond words, make a real connection.

5) Passion! I have talked about it over and over again, and that is probably because I am passionate about passion. If you are doing something you are truly passionate about, it is easy to get up every day and go do it. Yes, some mornings I am tired, but I never hate having to be there and know I have been blessed with the passion to serve the people through fitness. If passion is not your foundation for what you do, it is time to move on.

So regardless of how many certifications you have, or how many times you have read a journal, if you want the people to return, you must give them your all and show you care about what it is they are trying to accomplish. Do not think you are worth more because of your education, you as a coach are only worth more depending on how much you show others they mean to you.



Going on 5 years, I keep telling those I encounter. 5 years of putting my body through this [Crap] we call fitness. I use crap lightly and not as a negative comment towards what I do. I mean it simply as how I feel after most workouts. 5 years, that is longer than I have done almost anything in my life. Those 5 years have brought joy, sweat, and a lot of friends. Are they the best 5 years of my life, I doubt it, but they are only a trail of years I will walk as my life in CrossFit Continues.

So what is significant about those 5 years. In those 5 years I have competed in the first ever Fittest Games in Austin, Texas. I won the first cash prize ever given during the 300 Challenge in Austin. I have thrown up more times than I can count, and I have been defeated more times than I would like to mention. But, who cares?

My awakening happened this weekend during the 2012 Regional Competition. Under what some dubbed “fake lights” and an air-cooled room. Not what I ever expected from CrossFit, but it is what it is. The awakening happened while I stood behind the fence cheering on my teammates as they fought through a row, pistol and clean workout. It was clear at that moment that all these years lead to this. Another year of having to watch all of the other teams compete in the last workout.

To make this not a sappy write-up, I am ending with this. I am putting in my work and time over the next year. Where it will take me is unknown, but I will work, work and work everyday. As hard as I can when I am moving and as little as I can when I rest. What my year will look like, I don’t know exactly, but it is here and started Sunday 4/29.

In order to go beyond my current level I want everyone to know a few things. These are the things in my life I am dedicated to for many reasons, mainly belief and love:

– God

– Family (those I love)

– AdvoCare

– My community and followers


Say what you want about the things that make me who I am, but no words will stop me from being me. As always I am here to help change lives and if there is ever anything I can do for you, just ask.


– Coach David (Of The Lion) de Leon

Nothing Taste as Good as Lean Feels

Sara Shumaker Lost 8 lbs and over 6 total inches during the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

 Starting the 24 Day Challenge to help cleanse the bad and jumpstart the new, Sara was nervous but driven. As a current athlete in one of the evening programs I assist at CrossFit Central with Coach Travis Holley, Sara’s work ethic is one that cannot be denied. Her  mindset of working hard with limited excuses was brought to the table as she began the 24 Days.

 Speaking with Sara during the challenge, she swore to have never taken a cheat meal. At first what began as grief from her co-workers quickly turned to inspiration and support. I remember Sara sharing with me that her peers began bringing healthier foods to work in support of her efforts.

 On top of The 24 Day Challenge and the Ultimate Food List I supply to those who take the challenge, Sara also enrolled in the Kettlebell program at RedBlack Gym and has also committed to competing in UltiFit, a local CrossFit/Running hybrid competition.

 Watching Sara become lean and seeing muscle tone in her legs and arms in as little as 24 Days has been awesome. Keep up the awesome work Sara and you will inspire many others to do the same!

 Interested in taking on The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge?

Check it out here, or email me with questions!