From Rock Bottom


From Rock Bottom

A coach’s guide to helping clients who have just seemed to quit

By David de Leon


Coaching began for me when I was 19 years old as a trainer at the Texas A&M University Recreational Center. A head first dive is how I would describe it. No experience, but all the desire in the world. Continue reading

Start Your Day With These 3 (or 4) Tricks!

Everyday should be a good day no matter how bad you think you have it. But, if you are having trouble starting off your day with the right energy or passion, try these 3 (or 4) tricks that could help you jump start your day!

Monday Movement Motivation Episode 4!

I can’t begin to tell you guys how much I love making these videos. I didn’t become a coach in the fitness world only to see gains in the gym, I did it to bring people happier and more fulfilled lives outside of the gym as well. That is the part that gets me excited and keeps driving me to make these videos and now more to come during the week day.

Today’s post is in regards to a chapter I read from a John C. Maxwell book: Self-Improvement 101. Maxwell is great at providing readers with in-depth thought in regards to the life we live. The quote from his book that motivated this video is “One of these days means none of these days”. This quote really intrigued me because “One of these days” is omething I Hear far to often.

Check out the video and let me know what it is that you are ready to start today that will help you achieve your goals physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially. Don’t hesitate, get started!