RowForRoby 24 Hour Row Recap


Last week at this time, me and my rowing partner had 5 hours left of rowing in our 24 hour tandem row. Every 20 minutes we switched and by the end maintained a 2:22 pace and rowed 302,928 meters. This exhausting daywas all to help raise money for my good friend, Roby Quintela who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and has began his chemo treatment.

The row wasn’t easy, as a matter of fact, there was about an hour of throwing up (maybe a bad reaction to pedialite) where I ALMOST questioned my ability to go on. But honestly, the thought of quitting was more nauseating than anything else. I was reminded by JC’s (my rowing partner) wife that chemo probably felt the same way. Nausea with the inability to eat, yeah,┬áthere was no way I was going to quit now.

The most fascinating part of the row is the amount of support from our community in and out of OTL Fitness. We had 70 other people jump on rowers in the gym throughout the day and in total, our guests/supporters rowed a little over 840,000 meters! We also raised a bunch of money for Roby as well.

This 24 hours experience was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and I would do anything from my Quintela Family in El Paso.

If you haven’t pushed your physical limits lately, I suggest you give it a try. Go do something that others wouldn’t, the end result is very rewarding! Roby, kick the shit out of cancer. We all have your back.

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