Nothing Taste as Good as Lean Feels

Sara Shumaker Lost 8 lbs and over 6 total inches during the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

 Starting the 24 Day Challenge to help cleanse the bad and jumpstart the new, Sara was nervous but driven. As a current athlete in one of the evening programs I assist at CrossFit Central with Coach Travis Holley, Sara’s work ethic is one that cannot be denied. Her  mindset of working hard with limited excuses was brought to the table as she began the 24 Days.

 Speaking with Sara during the challenge, she swore to have never taken a cheat meal. At first what began as grief from her co-workers quickly turned to inspiration and support. I remember Sara sharing with me that her peers began bringing healthier foods to work in support of her efforts.

 On top of The 24 Day Challenge and the Ultimate Food List I supply to those who take the challenge, Sara also enrolled in the Kettlebell program at RedBlack Gym and has also committed to competing in UltiFit, a local CrossFit/Running hybrid competition.

 Watching Sara become lean and seeing muscle tone in her legs and arms in as little as 24 Days has been awesome. Keep up the awesome work Sara and you will inspire many others to do the same!

 Interested in taking on The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge?

Check it out here, or email me with questions!

2 thoughts on “Nothing Taste as Good as Lean Feels

  1. Great article! You can really tell the difference. What other weight loss products does AdvoCare offer? Does it have anything for muscle building protein?

    • Emerson,

      AdvoCare has a vast variety of products from weightloss, to Performance Elite. They carry two post workout proteins: Post Workout Recovery (higher in Carbs to restore glycogen after workouts) as well as Muscle Gain (higher in protein for muscle recovery and rebuilding).

      The post workout shake video I have posted is a combo of Raw Milk + AdvoCare Muscle Gain + Berries. It is my go to after every workout.

      If you would like to know more about the performance products, let me know!

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