How to lose weight like a boss!


Losing weight like a boss is easy, but you’d better read the entire post!

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Weight loss is by far the most popular reason someone joins a gym. They want that 20-something body back (maybe) or are trying to lose everything they gained during their 20-somethings. Either way, it is a totally reasonable statement and will remain the #1 reason behind gym visits. But how? How do you actually lose weight? Treadmill 1 hour? Lift weights? Crunches (please lord don’t do this one to lose weight)? I am not going to give “The Secret” on how to lose weight, because there isn’t one. But, I am going to help steer you in the right direction.

Technically weight loss is simple. You burn more calories than you put into your body. But having to keep track, UGHHH, we want all the things but don’t want to put in the effort, right? Well, if you want to start off on the right foot, I always recommend tracking your food. And by tracking your food, I mean ALL of your food. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is the only honest way to see what you are consuming daily. And you cannot just do it once or twice. You need to give yourself a few weeks of legitimate logging. The MyFitness Pal app is probably the best and most common way to track your food. Although not perfect, it also gives you the ability to set desired goal weights and helps you determine how much of each macronutrient (fat, protein, carbohydrate) you should be consuming daily. Does it take a little bit of time? Heck yes, but dang, if you want to start losing that body fat, you’ve got to stop doing what you’ve been doing for years!

If you are just so stubborn that you absolutely CANNOT track your food, the best place to start is in the produce aisle of your local grocery store. I always advise adding more vegetables to anyones diet regardless of their fitness goals. No, I didn’t say juice them, I said eat them. If you are over the age of 5 and still use the “I don’t like the taste” excuse, well stop reading now because you may not be that serious about losing weight. From kale and spinach, to broccoli and asparagus, you’ve got to start adding color to your meals. Vegetables folks, not a bunch of fruits. They are different. Add colorful VEGETABLES to every meal you consume.

Along with these vegetables, stick with lean meats for now. Turkey, lean ground beefs (I suggest 90% lean), venison, bison, etc. If you google, List of lean meats, I bet you can find what you’re looking for. Now, how much of the meat you should be eating is determined by your current body mass and your goals. I am not going to give any advice on that as it differs from person to person (should’ve used my fitness pal!)

Right next to the meat a healthy fat is always welcome. From nuts/seeds to avocados and some oils, your body needs to have its fill of fats. Remember, fat doesn’t make people fat, sugars and overloads of beer make people fat.

Ah beer, that brings me to my next point. Stop drinking so much. A beer a night is 365 beers in a year. Find your beer of choice here (beer calorie list) and multiply it by 365…have fun with that. But maybe you didn’t have a beer Monday-Thursday but oh yeah Friday you had 2 and during the game on Saturday you had 4 more and another to help heal the loss of your favorite team..yeah…it pretty much adds up to the same. Our clients see AMAZING results when restricting their alcohol intake, not just beer. You have to learn how to limit your alcohol or else what you are working for won’t come at all.

Get rid of the damn snacks in the pantry. It’s weird so many parents say, “well it’s for my kids”. Wait, what? So the same thing you know lacks nutrients and is not beneficial to your health is the same thing you give your kids? Is it next to your kids carton of cigarettes? Don’t even have the temptation of worthless snacks in your home. MAKE your kids it vegetables, and you won’t have the issue of eating their snacks.

Last on this super secret way to weight loss, have a cheat day, but good god don’t make it all weekend long. Unless you are looking for mass gains, chill out with the pizza, ice cream and hamburgers. Only in America have we made it typical to eat this kind of stuff often and then tell people who eat healthy to “live a little”. Do I like burgers and ice cream (especially blue bell chocolate chip cookie dough)? HELL YES! But I limit it. Call me “obsessed” or “weird” for not having it more often, but I really don’t believe it is the norm.

Crazy, in this top secret write up on weight loss I didn’t even mention exercise. Here’s why. People tell me all the time they, “don’t have time to (insert thing they need to do to live a healthier life)”. It is easily the first and worst excuse ever. So if you don’t have time, then start with better eating. Exercise with terrible eating is worthless, so just spend your time focusing on your meals and getting your eating together first. Then and only then will we start to talk about your training routine.

Love you guys,

Coach David de Leon

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