Eliminating 1 Thing


Have you ever fallen off the band wagon and you know you need to get back on? You started eating your favorite dessert every night again, or the weekends are starting to really get out of hand? It happens to all of us and and we make all of these HUGE plans to change everything about how we live in order to make a small change. Well, here’s my advice. Eliminate 1 small thing (or add 1) to have a big out come. Let me explain.

Usually our fall off the bandwagon is not nearly as bad as we think. Yes maybe you put on a few pounds of fat, or maybe lost a few pounds of muscle, but you didn’t get there because you changed EVERYTHING about your life. Here’s what usually happens to me.

I start eating plenty of food through the day. Good quality food. My energy is high and I am able to keep on muscle mass. I do great for 5 weeks straight then all of a sudden I start missing meals, or adding ice cream where I shouldn’t and all of a sudden my energy is low, my workouts suffer and over all I feel like crap. This doesn’t mean I need to totally change the way I eat, it simply means I need to eliminate the ice cream and add my extra meal. See? Simple.

Maybe your problem is different. You’ve been eating clean, but one day you eat that brownie and for the next 2 weeks straight, well, you keep eating that brownie. You put on the weight you lost and you are back to square one.

We tend to blame many things in our lives, but in reality, it is just one minor detail. We are humans, we want to dramatize everything that we do. I suggest you just step back, find the specific issue and eliminate that 1 thing that has you off your game. Don’t forget, you may need to ADD that 1 thing in order to make big changes. Maybe you don’t drink enough water during the day. Or maybe you are only eating 2-3 times per day and your body really needs 4-5 in order to maintain sufficient calories.

The moral of the story is to stop blaming small changes on everything. When you feel as though you are off, it’s not the end of the world. Start by eliminating 1 thing you don’t need, or adding 1 thing you do need in order to get back on track. You may be surprised on how little it really takes.

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