Dan John, Can You Go?

Dan John Can you go?

Dan John, Can you go? My review on this awesome book

I really like to recommend books on this blog. Actually, I am thinking about dedicating a page just to that. The book I am loving right now would be in the “training/coaching” for coaches and ESPECIALLY athletes. It is, yet again a Dan John must have book titled, Can You Go?

Whether you train in a garage gym or you are part of a gym, Dan John’s Can You Go needs to be in your reading arsenal. Dan covers the foundations of training and more importantly the assessment factor of training. Which to me is by far one of the most important and forgotten about aspects of all fitness.

You won’t be sitting in front of this book for long because it is a short and easy read AND it will make you want to get up and start moving. I am a HUGE Dan John fan and even had the privilege of having him do a seminar at OTL this year.

Do yourself a favor and get this book right now. It’s an inexpensive way to gain knowledge through a guy who is easily one of the smartest men in the fitness world today. If you’ve already read it, leave a comment/review about the book below!

If you are a paper back type of person you can order the book here:

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If you are a Kindle folk, it’s only 7.99!

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Not sure yet? Check all the reviews! Amazon Reviews on Can You Go?


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