What It Means To Compete


 This past weekend I along with over a hundred other CrossFitters took part in the All Cities Open In Dallas Texas. This post is not about that competition. Or any specific competition for that matter. It is about competition as a whole and what it means to your mind and to your body.

 Before the start of everyday, a higher being has a purpose for us. I believe in God and for me that is who has this plan. For you it may be different, but regardless your day has a purpose. I believe that in each of these days there must be a quitter, a fighter, and one who is ok with the day being mediocre. Within each day, a challenge will arise. It may be a challenge at work, at home or amongst family/friends else where in the world. When these challenges arise, we unknowingly compete against them. How we compete correlates with what was mentioned before. Some of us quit, some of us challenge and try to change it, others are ok with either losing or just coming to a stalemate. What is so amazing about the things I see is the majority of the people around me are fighters. They do not let the world and its obstacles stand in their way. They are competitive businessmen/women, they are mothers and fathers who want the best for their families, they are coaches who expect their athletes to achieve the highest success and some are survivors of illness and mishap who know quitting is not a choice.

 So I ask you, what kind of competitor are you? Not all of us are fighters and not all are quitters. Whatever it is you believe you are, comment below and let us know what kind you are and why.

Beyond the Basics of Motivation

If you have read my blogs before, you know that I am big on a few things: Goals, limited excuses, self-talk, motivation and well a few other things. When talking about motivation in the past I have usually discussed self motivation.  Recently however, I have been studying humans response to certain stimulus and how as a coach, I can use this stimulus to not only motivate, but have my athletes become addicted to coming to workouts. The following post will be very limited, as is my true knowledge of molecular level studies, in scientific wording and explanation. Simply put, this is, in my own words, how I will get my athletes always wanting more.

Addiction to my coaching is the same as being addicted to drugs

 This may sound slightly…ridiculous, but I believe all coaches have the ability to make their athletes fein for their class/classes as though it was cocaine. Making this happen goes beyond having good coaching cues or a bad ass gym. It is actually much simplier than we can imagine. Just like drugs produce chemical responses in the body, so can you!