Are you an “Action Jackson”


I recently listened to a podcast that got me super pumped up. It was from speaker Dr. Eric Thomas, a speaker I have listened to since college. His topic was about being less of a talker, more of an action taker. Are you an action taker or a talker? Here’s what I learned from his talk.

We live in a world of sayers. People everyday say they are going to: Exercise, start saving money, start working harder, start loving more, stop cussing, start prepping their food, stop making excuses, etc, etc, etc.

This really starts to take place around new years and man it drives me nuts. The truth is, 99% of them will continue to spend their lives as talkers, and NOT do-ers. If you think about it, it is pretty terrible.

The podcast was perfect timing as I had just had a conversation with a few athletes about reaching goals in fitness and in life as well. My point during the conversation was this. You could literally give the secret to making $1,000,000 or having the “perfect body”, or the perfect life, to 100 people and only 1 would actually follow the blueprint verbatim. 99 people would find a way to disagree with it, change it, or make it their own. When all along all you had to do was FOLLOW THE PLAN. You had to be an action taker. You couldn’t skip a day or think, “I know it says this, but will do that”.

Taking action is something we all need to start doing more of. I bet 95% of people who begin to read this post will stop before this sentence because THEY DON’T TAKE ACTION. They believe they have heard it all and what they assume they know is enough. All of us do this in some form or fashion in our lives as well. We quit before we finish then talk about what could have or would have been.

Let’s make a pack. Let’s be action takers for now on. Pick ONE thing you want to start taking action on daily and make it happen. Just as the accumulation affect in finance can change someones life over a 30 year span, the same can happen in all aspects of life when you begin to take daily action.

So what are you going to do? Will you step up and be an action taker?

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