Coach/Gym Owners, Are You Planning Your Future?

Are You Planning Your Future?

 A write up for my fellow coaches, trainers and gym owners.

As a 26-year-old coach/gym owner, I like to think that most trainers started their careers just like me, young. This can be great thing, because it has given us a lot of time to grow and learn while watching a lot of change happen in the fitness world. However, I’ve noticed we trainers have a stigma to us which in many cases is very correct. Although we are willing to invest thousands of dollars into self-help seminars, training education, and Lulu Lemon (the only of the 3 I’m not ok with) we tend to lack the knowledge of preparing for financial future. Continue reading

Playing For Fitness + My Workout

Do you remember being a kid and making up the craziest games? My friends and I used to play a game called “Bull Fighter” on the play ground in 3rd grade. One person would remove their plaid button up and use it is a cape while someone else acted like a bull. To relive this as a 26-year-old is comical, but hey, I was a kid, who cared? Oddly enough the older I got, and the more I tried to convince myself that, “I didn’t care what other people thought”, the less I seemed to use my imagination and more importantly, the less I seemed to just play. As this realization became clearer, and with my training life being plagued with a very irritating injury (road bump), I have begun to alter my training back to that of simply, play. Continue reading

5 Ways to Live a Happy(ier) Life

There are probably over a million books and blogs written on the how to topic of living a happier life. What is great about all of them is that for the most part they all work for someone out there. I like to believe I live a happy life. When I wake up, I’m excited to go to work! The people who surround me are all incredible and they give me something to be happy about each and every day. Continue reading

Independent Contractor or Employee? You better know the difference


The fitness industry is a host for what many call, “Independent contractors”. I have heard the word many times, have worked as one, but never took the time in the beginning of my career to learn exactly what it was.  If you are new to the fitness industry, or not, and are considered an independent contractor, I suggest you learn what the difference is in the two so you never take on the roles of one without the benefits of the other. Continue reading