How do you perceive your life?

Do we sometimes not realize how much opportunity is around us? Opportunity for growth in life, success, health, wellness, family, education, spirituality and just about anything else we want to improve in would begin to pop up. Unfortunately much of this opportunity is masked by our perception be it good or bad.

If we just changed the way we saw where we are right now, opportunity would begin to arise. It is not about where you are, it is about how you perceive where you are.

Do These Things and Live Better than Ever

3 Simple Steps to a better than average life

If you follow me and the things I believe, you will know that mediocrity is something I stay away from. Life is about being better than good. It is about being healthy, happy and capable of doing things physically and mentally that you might not be able to do if you did not keep yourself fit.

Today, I want to give you 3 must do’s that I believe can help you live a life that is better than good.


1.    Read:  Reading doesn’t stop after we graduate. We must continually feed our brain and allow it to explore and imagine. When was the last time you watched a little kid play “pretend”. Their imaginations are amazing. As we grow older, most begin to lose this. We rely less and less on imagination and focus mainly on realty. Reading however, can help us continue to not only learn via educational books, but they can help continue to build and use our imagination.

Research in regards to reading and its health benefits are countless. Reading no longer has to be forced and can be enjoyable when you find a topic you love. Pick up a book sometime soon and start to imagine all over again.


2. Run Barefoot:  How many babies do you know are born with shoes on? Exactly. Too often we get carried away with which shoes have the best support, or which shoe is better for your narrow feet. Yes I understand shoes are required, but find time to go out to a park with an open area and just run. Take your shoes off, and for 10 minutes run around. Not to “exercise” but to enjoy the feeling of the earth under your feet.


3. Give Back: Of the 168 hours in one week, spend at least 1 hour per week giving your time to someone who needs it. Be it a friend who needs someone to listen to them, or a volunteer opportunity that may arise. I guarantee an hour spent serving others is much better spent than an hour alone. Giving your time not only brings others joy, but it will help maintain your happiness as well.

Trust me, there are many more things you can do to live a happy life, but these three are a start. Find a book, take your shoes off and turn up the speed, and give your time to someone in need. Remember, life is not meant to be lived with mediocrity.



-          Coach David

Let Your Heart Decide When You’re Done

Too often we listen to our body or mind when they say, “ok, enough is enough”. I am here to change what you listen to. Your heart holds your drive, your purpose and your motivation. Don’t let your mind or body tell you when your done. Let your heart do the talking.