Workout Vs. Recreation: A Repost from OTL Fitness

For many, separating the idea of recreational activity and workout seem to be very difficult. They spend countless hours in the gym every week but never seem to use their fitness for much more than working out. Don’t get me wrong, fitness for the sake of being healthy is 100% ok. But when you are given a healthy body, one that runs, that jumps, that climbs and for some of us even swims, why not use it? Continue reading

Coach/Gym Owners, Are You Planning Your Future?

Are You Planning Your Future?

 A write up for my fellow coaches, trainers and gym owners.

As a 26-year-old coach/gym owner, I like to think that most trainers started their careers just like me, young. This can be great thing, because it has given us a lot of time to grow and learn while watching a lot of change happen in the fitness world. However, I’ve noticed we trainers have a stigma to us which in many cases is very correct. Although we are willing to invest thousands of dollars into self-help seminars, training education, and Lulu Lemon (the only of the 3 I’m not ok with) we tend to lack the knowledge of preparing for financial future. Continue reading